10+ Best NFT Tools For Analyzing, Collecting, and Trading NFTs.

Hello I am a rare NFT image from the 32px penguins collection.
32px penguins

NFTs are continuing to experience incredible growth, which is great for all of us. Here are Some OpenSea statistics as of January 11, 2022 showing strong growth for non fungible tokens:

— Daily volume on OpenSea record almost touched $261m
— OpenSea surpassed 266,000 active wallets in the first 10 days of 2022
— Monthly volume expected to break previous ATH of $3.4 billion

(Edit: according to this Dune Analytics dashboard)

While collecting and trading thousands of jpegs on OpenSea, I’ve been discovering a lot of useful tools for success. The best tools for analyzing, collecting, and trading NFT’s. Or just hodl on to your NFT’s for the longer term, because Punks, Apes, and Fidenza’s are selling for millions.

Here’s a Twitter thread on some of my favorite tools so far. And below in the form of this article.

Looking for more NFT tools? We’ve been collecting close to one hundred tools (and counting) in my Discord channel. It’s currently closed but feel free to ping if you want access: https://twitter.com/stickydao


Zapper has been a time and life-saver when it comes to having a quick overview of all the NFTs in your wallet. The estimated net worth for your NFTs all together gives a quick idea of the floor prices you’re collections are trading at. Zapper also provides easy access to exchange ETH to USDC and vice versa.


Genie is the first-ever NFT marketplace aggregator on Ethereum. Genie users can buy, sell, and trade across all major NFT marketplaces in a single transaction — whether it’s one or twenty NFTs. Genie supports ERC-721s and ERC-1155s on OpenSea, NFTX, NFT20, and Rarible.

NFT Bank

NFT Bank gives invaluable insights to how well you are playing the NFT game. NFT Bank gives a quick and easy to use visual overview of your overall performance. Revenue, spending, ROI, activity per day, financials and taxes, you name it.


Etherscan? Yes. While not the most visually appealing tool to leverage, it gives you real-time on-chain minting and trading activity for ERC-721s, that you can then research further. It also provides a nice overview of popular NFTs on their Non-Fungible Token Tracker rankings dashboard.

Sticky DAO (Formerly NFT Society)

Sticky DAO

That’s us! :) We’re a growing community and you can talk with us in Discord. Tools and software are great indicators, but can’t read the room. Besides, NFT’s are way more fun while making friends along the way. Find news, upcoming NFT drops, and more alpha than you could ever spend ETH on.

Free NFT alpha spreadsheet maintained by NFT Society. More than 50 upcoming NFT collections that are potentially worth getting whitelisted for to mint.


Trait Sniper is the fastest ranking platform for NFTs. Trait Sniper can calculate rarity in an NFT Collection as soon as they reveal, which opens up many opportunities for profit.


Nansen.ai is a must have for catching trends early. And spying on labeled wallets of experienced NFT collectors and traders with deep pockets. Nansen analyzes 90M+ labeled Ethereum wallets and their activity. So you can separate the signal from the noise in blockchain data.


NiftyRiver is a free alternative to Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper. NiftyRiver usually has new NFT collections up and running quickly. In their Discord you can simply request the dev to add a new collection if there is one missing. Holding one Digirocks in your wallet gives you premium access to NiftyRiver because it’s from the same software developer. Forever.

Collab Land

Collab Land opens up exclusive access and limited roles in Discord servers based on NFTs you hold in your wallet. Really changing the social game in Discord by utilizing what is already in your possession. Or incentivizing you to get what is needed for specific roles. Brilliant!


Icy.Tools features a wealth of information that gives you a headstart over other NFT flippers. Icy let’s you discover trends early, such as top minting NFTs in the last hour, top selling NFT collections in the last hour, 6 hours, 1 day, and more. Icy also calculates the estimated value of all your NFTs in ETH based on the current floor prices.

NFT Stats

NFT Stats is another freely available tool to get the latest insights about which NFTs are selling and which are not. Get informed before you make your next big NFT purchase. Visit NFT Stats.

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The Boy’s Dream Collection by NFT Thailand artist Moto @ moto057. This is a boy’s dream-This boy’s dream of becoming what he wanted to be was a picture of his imagination. OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/the-boy-s-dream
The Boy’s Dream Collection by NFT Thailand Moto @ moto057. This is a boy's dream-This boy's dream of becoming what he wanted to be was a picture of his imagination. OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/the-boy-s-dream

Upcoming NFT mints and drops

For catching upcoming NFT mints and drops early, I’m using a large variety of data and resources. This varies from @raritytools, @nftcatcher, @nifty_tools, @nftprojectlist and @NFTrating to on chain data, social data, real-time whale wallet watching, and more.

We also have this public spreadsheet that we keep updated daily as good as we can with a small group of NFT collectors. Bookmark it and feel free to share it.

Fractional Art

Fractional art is giving fractional ownership to the world’s most sought after NFTs. Fractional unlocks liquidity, reduces entry costs, and allows for synergy with other DeFi primitives.

NFT Widgets

One cool gadget for iPhone users is the NFT Widgets app! Display your NFTs as widgets on your iOS device.

Arcade NFT Genesis Pinball

Check my NFT

Check my NFT is a tool to check how well ERC-721 NFTs secure their metadata. Check my NFT

Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics is invaluable thanks to the large developer community they were able to build. The community provides various Dune Analytics dashboards for all NFTs. From floor price performance for your favorite projects to the growth of the NFT space overall. And so much more!

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Bonus! Adding @oncyber_io to the list, because if you haven’t made your own (free) virtual museum with your art yet, I don’t know what you’re doing. 3D & VR experiences to show your NFTs, in a click.

NFT Society, an NFT Discord server to discover and discuss new NFT drops, mints, and collections with generative art. https://twitter.com/stickydao



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